2nd Round Airdrop Ended!

The official AIRDROP #2 has finally come to an end. With lots of activities, mass participation, community expansion as we reached and surpassed our basic threshold.

An appreciation goes to all participants who completely engaged in this AIDROP campaign.We require everyone to remain in our respective social channels and also be active.

Tasks which includes;

Follow on Twitter and RT pinned post

Join Telegram Group/Channel

Follow, Like and Share on Facebook.

Follow Medium page

Refer 3 friends (min)

We reserve the right to withhold coins from any participant who egress from our official community channels after the completion of the AIRDROP #2.

If you experienced any issue during your participation in the AIRDROP #2 which could possibly be wrong ethereum wallet address or in general a wrong data input.
Leave an update information request to

AIRDROP #2 distribution kicks off in September 2020.

With 💝 from PayPDM.
For immense support & keen interest from everyone.



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