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2 min readJan 10, 2022


This announcement is a brief and concise details about the Airdrop Z.

Hello Crypto Enthusiasts,
With excitement, PayPDM announces her momentous airdrop tagged “Airdrop Z” to kick start the new operating year 2022.
Airdrop Z is a prime and earth shaking social event aimed at exhibiting PayPDM to the crypto space in general, alongside bringing influx of individuals from different walks on the crypto space with rewards allocated.

Airdrop Z officially is live dated from January 10th, 2022 | 17:00 UTC

Participation would be opened generally to everyone on the crypto space while also being focused on the use of the first come first served (fcfs) procedures.
Airdrop Z would be allocated only to 2000 enthusiasts (participants) only.
1000 participants which would be selected using computer based algorithms.
Furthermore, Holders rewards would be allocated to the first 1000 holders on the official PayPDM contract address on bscscan.

Airdrop Z is undoubtedly exciting because it consists of two airdrops event in one main event
For Airdrop Z participants
Airdrop bonus are being allocated for the potential participants who would complete required tasks and follow up required instructions.
This airdrop rewards is being implemented to improvise and nurture the social relevancy and impact for PayPDM alongside providing exposure and heavy outreach for the community and firm in general.

Airdrop Z Distribution would take place after end and 30 days after and would be available on the official PDM Swap platform.
This distribution takes place with reference to our guidelines and rules for the Airdrop Z Event.


Airdrop Z Event would be furtherly announced on the followings;
PayPDM Official Platforms
CoinMarketCap Airdrop Section
and other related media platforms.

Airdrop Z is proudly supported by CVETKO AG

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