CVETKO-AG Implementation for the Year 2022 — Marketing

PayPDM promises to handle all rescheduled developments within the first quarter of Year 2022.
Marketing for $PYD tokenized asset is now getting much more serious than ever.
CVETKO primary aim for the $PYD token includes;
having a stabilized and regular market system, thousands of new token holders, crossing ATH to another ATH and having trading volume which records in hundreds of thousands within 24 hours.

Prior to a month ago,
PayPDM had a partnership agreement with CVETKO AG, this occurred fromDec 20th officially.
CVETKO AG is a digital marketing firm focused on providing potential prospects to brands & firms using a sizeable marketing experience.

To recall all activities so far, PayPDM had last ATH at Dec 8th 2021 and haven’t had a strong market momentum after that. Hence the need for an external and in-house marketing firm is being collaborated to perfect the marketing ties.

Buy back mechanism is in preparation mode as the firm anticipates towards her first Instant swap DAPP.
Over 100M of $PYD tokenized asset is been proposed for this and would be scheduled to vesting.

We officially declare this marketing agreement live and have our serious measures in place.
Various social events which are currently in place will be externally projected to the crypto space.

Current Event
Holding Campaign

Next Event
Airdrop Z Pre-launch
Airdrop Z Main launch

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