Hello, PayPDM Community! PayPDM is joining forces with Xeraza!

Today, with great excitement we announce that PayPDM has been acquired by Xeraza, whom we share the same ision and have a grand productive force and this would help us focus on delivering our product & services to our users, community and in general much better and efficient.

About Xeraza;
Xeraza is a news and media platform focused on information incentives comprised of crypto news, blockchain real-time news, media publicity, data statistics, blockchain events and education towards the blockchain and digital space. Xeraza is also an information and media platform focused on providing insights, knowledge on various small to big development on the blockchain space providing clear, well-detailed information to our readers and other crypto enthusiasts in general. With a mission to encompass the blockchain media space with verifiable and well-detailed information’s focused on our readers and crypto enthusiasts in general.

While we been working hard behind closed door to make the acquisition offer completely done with Xeraza, PayPDM is joining Xeraza where we will continue to advance technology to improve and personalized experience for users. We also focused on expanding our field to enhance our specialtys, maximize our goals and added potentials.

We won’t deviate from our mission or vision, as we remain focused to live up to our goals. Working with a same-vision force has always been part of our projection.
This is coherent forward step backed up with a state of prolificacy which systematically relates to our admirable consistencies from the next phase in provision of great products & services for the crypto community.

At Xeraza, we look forward to great team and more partnership to innovate and develop amazing products that people love. PayPDM will continue to work as they always have for now; stay tuned for future updates to help you prepare.

Our deepest thanks go out to every user, community and further thank you to the public in general all who helped made PayPDM upscale while being inspired by your utmost support.
Our products & services are still active and not discontinued. In sequel, our brand and visualization still anchors the same under Xeraza.
Your feedback and appreciation truly means the world to us.

Fasten up your belt, while we get on a new ride
— The PayPDM Team

PayPDM is a decentralized financial firm for the standardization of cryptocurrencies through FinTrade, CryptoLend & PDM Gamings. https://www.paypdm.org