Holding Campaign — Community Engagement

Holding Campaign has finally come to an end.
The holding campaign which kicked off from Nov 30th to Dec 27th.
With reference to the guidelines laid out for the Holding Campaign, We took a step further in keeping under observation and review of all individuals participating on the holding campaign in line with the allocation of rewards to the winning holders.

With reference to the followings;
64% of Prospective Participants had a panic sell of atleast 1,000 PYD
23% of Prospective Participants had no purchase of atleast 1,000 PYD
the holdings campaign event.
8% of Prospective Participants are disqualified for using multiple wallets and other related
5% of Prospective Participants made a sell of atleast 1,000 PYD and the end date.

Other active campaigns
None available

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