Holding Competition Extended — Rewards Re-allocated

The holding campaign is open to the community and all individuals within the crypto space.
Holding campaign is implemented to provide a healthy market system for the PayPDM token ($PYD) as well as providing a value based asset to all individuals.

The holding competition is completely rewards-based, which means all participants within the holding campaign duration are eligible for rewards bonuses.

This rewards bonus is being distributed based on the following details below;

Holding Amount
Daily calculation (From Nov 30th to Dec 27th)

How it works:

Buy and hold $PYD from [1,000,000 PYD to 10,000,000 PYD]
Hodl throughout the holding campaign
Rewards are calculated daily.

How to Participate:
Buy $PYD within the required volume
Hold strong throughout the Holding campaign
Viola! You are automatically eligible for rewards
Receive rewards at the end of the campaign

How to buy $PYD:
- See Article
Download Metamask or Trust Wallet
Use the official trade link

Rewards bonuses are calculated daily and finally distributed 5 days after the end of the Holding Campaign.

Rewards calculation starts immediately after the official kick off.
These rewards are allocated for individuals who buys $PYD and hold during the holding campaign [Nov 30th — Dec 27th].

Holders are automatically eligible for rewards if there is no sell throughout the holding campaign.

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PayPDM is a leading decentralized crypto-financial firm aimed at the improvisation and standardization of cryptocurrencies in every day life through the use of its financial products and services hereby providing basic services available on traditional finance on the blockchain platform.
PayPDM is part of the Xeraza Media, on which services are been administered and effectualized.





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