Important Announcement — Concerning the PYD Market System

1. Community FUD
2. Whales Threat
3. Anti-Whales & Anti Sniper Bots
4. Marketing Suspension

Community FUD

Over the previous day we experienced some FUD which was caused by the differences between a mod and a potential investor.
This difference occurred due to the rude and derogatory comments from the potential investor to the mod.
Both parties has been reached out to, while having this differences settled amicably without a negative impact on the community.

While we take our time building a strong community, We also wouldn’t want to have an obstacle to our potential growth and developments.
An extra measure has been taken to avoid this differences occurring again.

We extend our apologies to everyone in the community and crypto majority in general concerning this huge inconvenience and we promise to make this community much stronger, united and more better.

A major appreciation is been extended for your support, understanding and trust in us.

Whales Threats

Due to the current issue which has been pending for a while on the community with references to a set off between a mod and potential investors.
PayPDM has received messages which are posed as threats from supposed whales threatening to sell and dump hard.

We decided to inform the community and crypto majority as quick as possible.
There is an expected crash on the market from the panic sell from whales, as we can’t grant their absurd requests.

Therefore, we have no choice rather than inform the community to sell off tokens and hold BNB or BUSD value until the moment this gets resolved.

Anti-Whales & Anti-Sniper bots

We look at getting the whales issues resolved and put an end to heavy whales giving everyone fair opportunity and fair holdings.
The anti-whale will be implemented within 24 hours from this date of release to avoid heavy whales purchases as well as avoid sniping bots.

Currently, we look forward to clamping down on all heavy whales at the moment because they aren’t healthy for the market system.
Heavy and strict implementation is currently underway.

Marketing Suspension

We plan to maximize our marketing output and wouldn’t want a little result for heavy engagements which has been put in to place.
No marketing activity would be on going currently except the community engagement.
At the moment, Marketing plans are definitely suspended!

PayPDM is a leading decentralized crypto financial firm aimed at the improvisation and standardization of cryptocurrencies in every day life through the use of its financial products and services hereby providing basic services available on traditional finance on the blockchain platform.
PayPDM is part of the Xeraza Media, on which services are been administered and effectualized.







PayPDM is a decentralized financial firm for the standardization of cryptocurrencies through the use of blockchain based developments.

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PayPDM is a decentralized financial firm for the standardization of cryptocurrencies through the use of blockchain based developments.