PayPDM Announcement

8 min readMay 26, 2020

Public Announcement

1. Airdrop 1 End.
2. Token Holders Disclosure.
3. Restructuring update for 7 days.
4. Airdrop Call out.
5. Community threshold.
6. Team application.
7. PayPDM FinTrade.
8. CryptoLend Awareness & PDM Gamings
9. Change of primariness including tag lines.
10. Reason for use of Instant Form.
11. Token Allocation — only 400M tokens.
12. Airdrop Round 2 — Token Allocation, Bounty.
13. Proposed IEO Sales coming soon.
14. The decentralization of PayPDM.

Airdrop Round 1 End

The first phase for the PayPDM Coin just came to an today, and we appreciate the investors, priority token holders and community for the unified movement towards this great project.
But we couldn’t meet up to the soft cap, due to inefficiency in the required.
Nevertheless, our community is growing strong and this relationship is more crucial to the firm with a focus of being a community based revenue generating firm.

Token Holders ANN

This is the right time to hold on to $PYD. While major developments gets in place, $PYD has proven its worthiness within short run and expectedly to a long run. Using the recommended wallets is a key and actively around our social channels to keep up in information from us, if any.


Now we call it an end from the ICO Round 1 which ended today, 24th of May 2020.
A little and vital restructuring are scheduled to be implemented dated from May 25th, 2020 to June 1st, 2020 running for 7 days.

Still Active
*$PYD is available for purchase from the official website at base price of $0.092/1PYD.
*Referral bonuses for every referred sales

Airdrop Fallout!

Over 1M (million) PYD were allocated for the airdrop participation for 5000 entries.
We received over 10,000 entries of which a total of 72% didn’t complete the participation requirements
Requirements which includes;

Following official page on twitter
Retweeting pinned post on twitter
Joining both telegram community
and still being part of the community.

Token distribution is dated 28th of May 2020 and are only issued to eligible particpants who completed airdrop offer.

Community Threshold

Its not much work but its hard work 😀

We reached a milestone covering the community relationship on PayPDM which includes;
With over 500+ new registered users on PayPDM FinTrade,
Ensuring 5k registered members for the PayPDM Community
3k active community members on PayPDM Telegram channel.


FinTrade is a decentralized crypto investing service under the auspices of PayPDM. FinTrade which is abbreviated for the word ‘’Financial Trading’’ as the name implies, It is a financial service which focuses on foreign exchange, cryptocurrency and crypto asset diversification.

To be easier said, FinTrade is a crypto investing service which helps you grow your investments within a period of time and it is being focused on foreign exchange, cryptocurrency in general and crypto asset diversification through automated aspects with less manual input under the long term and experienced financial experts in the PayPDM Team.

To get started on FinTrade, Sign up here.

You can as well earn on FinTrade with no deposit using the FinTade Referral Program . Sign up here, share your referral link to friends and others , receive 9% bonus commission.

CryptoLend Awareness & PDM Gamings

PayPDM CryptoLend is a financial service which is created towards lending crypto and making profits. The service would be open only to its community and then after a good traction would be open for users around the world.
With CryptoLend you can easily lend from 0.01–20BTC with a low interest rate and fixed within a period of time With a simple membership and simple ID.

CryptoLend is one of the developments which is undergoing production under PayPDM, It is dated to be in operation from late 2020 to Early 2021.
Public releases would be made 2 months to production release for awareness to beta users.

PDM Gamings

Game app has always been fun. But nevertheless monetized game apps are hard to come by and even the existing monetized game app don’t pay up to befitting earning.
PDM Gaming is a game development team subsidiary under PayPDM Network which offers game apps which users can make use and earn actively without no fee.

PDM Gaming app would be published on Apple store, Google Play store, Microsoft App store and Huawei App Store.
This rights would be granted only to PayPDM Community, Priority Token Holders, Registered members or any of PayPDM Services users.

The first Game app is still in period of production and it has a release date of December 2020.

Changes of Context

PayPDM has changes some of its context, taglines used in her social channel
Old — World leading crypto venture capital firm
New- World leading decentralized crypto finance firm

Old — Investing made easy
New- Hodl, Manage & Diversify crypto assets

Words like ‘’crypto venture capital firm’’ were being replaced because we do not plan to finance firm outside the PayPDM Network in coming times.

Words like ‘’ Investing made easy ‘’ were being replaced because that is an underrated statement to our capabilities, rather we replaced it to a straight fire burning point with our method.

Reason for use of Instant Forms

Instant Form as the name implies is basically a quick-to-fill Form which includes the Google Forms.
For Primary purchase, The form is being made use of for easy aggregation, simplicity, handiness and worthwhile.

Investor XYZ uses the Instant Form and places an order for 100k units of PayPDM Coin [PYD]. PayPDM receives and reviews order using the automated data management system and process order within 60–600 seconds and Investor XYZ receives his PYD.

If Investor XYZ doesn’t places payment, the system finds matching payment and returns null if nothing found. An email get sent automatically to provided order email address stating for unreceived or unknown payment.

If Investor XYZ overpays a payment, the system finds matching payment and returns positive when found. An email get sent automatically to provided order email address stating for overpaid request.

If Investor XYZ shortpays, the system finds matching payment and returns positive when found. An email get sent automatically to provided order email address stating for uncompleted payment.

Users accessibility and simplicity is considered at its highest form and it is a secure, safe and risk free.
The DEX Exchanges can also be used as alternatives for the Instant Form.

Token Allocation

Generally, The Token allocation for the PayPDM Coin is listed below

Private & Public ICO — 40%
PayPDM FinTrade & CryptoLend — 1%
Early Investors — 4%
Airdrop, Rewards and Community bounties — 1%
Developments — 19%
PayPDM Networks — 10%
To be burned — 25%

Out of Total Supply — 1,000,000,000 PYD

Airdrop Round 2 — Token Allocation, Bounty

The 2nd round of Airdrop is scheduled dated from June 7th,

This Airdrop round 2 is determined to run for 3 weeks — 5 weeks with availability to PayPDM Community members and public in general.

The Airdrop Round 2 has a total token allocation of 3,500,000 PYD ($322,000).
Bounty campaign — 2,200,000 PYD
Airdrop offer — 1,300,000 PYD

Within this 2nd phase of Airdrop, PayPDM Coin is having to been listed on 4 exchanges

The Token distribution is on October 2020.

This 2nd round of Airdrop has a bounty campaign which would be active concurrently.

Airdrop offer includes;
1. Airdrop offer participation
2. Airdrop offer referrals

Bounty Campaign

The bounty campaign for the PayPDM Coin (PYD) is scheduled along side the Airdrop round 2 offer.
This is dated from June 7th and determined to run for 6 weeks with availability to the PayPDM Community and public in general.

PayPDM Bounty campaign has a token allocation of 2,200,000 PYD ($200,400) which is the total bounty pool and is only distributed to everyone who completely participates in the bounty

Token Allocation for the Bounty

Bounty campaign includes;
1. Growth driving campaign — 20%
2. Twitter campaign — 5%
3. Facebook & Instagram campaign — 10%
4. Blogs, Reviews & Video campaign — 25%
5. Telegram campaign — 5%
6. Referral campaign — 20%
7. Media and PR — 15%

All announcement would be disclosed on the official PayPDM twitter channel and related to keep community informed as well as Press releases for the public.

Proposed IEO Sales coming soon

Developments are being implemented on the PayPDM towards the proposed IEO on Exchanges Launchpad.
Favourite Exchanges are being looked upon and matching requirements has also been fulfilled.
A public announcement would be made 21 days from a proposed date to the community and public in general.

Other considerations which includes exchange listings which would be formulated by partnerships, voting for listings and crowdsales.

Decentralization of PayPDM

PayPDM is a decentralized crypto finance firm which means we do not hold centralization power. Power are distributed within varieties of associated networks and require less manual inputs.
Decentralization is being accepted and being appreciated in Blockchain, in order to void authority, non-transparency, compromise or security threats.

FinTrade is the first financial service within the auspices of PayPDM and this is operational through the decentralized systems. FinTrade functions using tri-system which includes Forex EA Robots, Forex Auto-Systems, Cryptocurrency tradings and Crypto asset diversification which is supervised, modernized and actualized with the existence of PayPDM financial team .

CryptoLend which is dated to be launched at late 2020, is also a decentralized financial service which will be propagated using other firms API for automatic coin holding and coin disbursement to users who request for BTC, ETH and LTC Loan with an instant form of world class #1 top notch secured verification system without contravening the law guiding users countries.
PayPDM would be registering in 54 countries worldwide to strengthen its community as well as law compliant in every listed country.

Team Expansion

As we go through advanced developments, we wouldn’t overlook expanding our team because this provides trust among community and public and also provides employment for experienced professionals round the world.
Which includes; IT team, Content writing teams, Influencers , Affiliates, Survey experts and Security experts.

For partnerships, inquiries and requests, contact us below




PayPDM is a decentralized financial firm for the standardization of cryptocurrencies through the use of blockchain based developments.