PayPDM Pre-Sale 2020

Hello Community & Investors,

With excitement, we introduce the PayPDM PRE-SALE event! 😊
PayPDM (PYD) Presale is scheduled from November 17th, 2020 — December 7th, 2020
accepting ETH primarily.

To participate- Contribute | Presale

PayPDM is a decentralized crypto finance providing monetized, valuable and exciting blockchain based financial products/services for financial investments & standardization of cryptocurrencies.
Being developed for the melioration and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing basic & advanced financial products/services which are made accessible to crypto users superseding the traditional finance.

Coin Type/Status: Pre-sale
KYC: Not required
Project Platform: Ethereum
Accepted Currency: ETH
Fundraising s/d: 11/17/2020
Fundraising e/d: 07/12/2020
Excluded Countr: N/A
Company Countr: Cyprus
Soft Cap (USD): $500,000
Hard Cap (USD): $30M

To be listed on VINDAX, HotBIT, P2PB2B & Exmarket.
After sale phase, listing furtherly occurs on Bitcratic, Etherflyer & Indoex

Who can participate in the Presale Event from 11/17?

Presale contribution is completely open to every investor, with exceptions to individuals under strict jurisdiction towards digital assets.

What is the coin lock-up period?

4 weeks for bonus coins.

Is KYC required for this Presale?

KYC is not required for this Presale.

When will $PYD be listed on exchanges?

PayPDM has done the required concerning token listing on major exchanges. We look towards exchanges with great impact focused on long term growth for both exchange and the firm, PayPDM.
PayPDM would be listed on exchanges after conclusion of main events.

How do I participate in the Presale?

To contribute to the Pre-sale:

Total Supply and Allocated supply for Presale?

$PYD has a total supply of 1B.
Allocated supply for Presale being offered is 20% of total supply (200M).
Projected hardcap inclusive of Presale is $19M.

What is the lock-up time for the Team and Advisors?

The allocated percentage for the Team and Advisors which is 20% of total supply will be locked up for 8 months, After which the Team receives ¼ within 4 months and the rest spreadout to the next operational year.

Question: Has an independent cybersecurity audited your smart contract?

Yes; our smart contract was audited and reviewed also.

Question: Does the digital asset being facilitated to abide with laws & regulations

Our presale is also structured to comply with laws and regulations on our investors geographic location.

What is the hardcap for the Presale?

Presale hardcap is extrapolated at $5M.

What happens when the hardcap is reached?

Once the Presale reaches hardcap, we will stop presale purchases.
Refunds will be issued on purchases crossing the projected threshold.

What is the Presale purchase price?

$0.092 / 1 $PYD
0.5 ETH / 2000 PYD
With effect to the $PYD projected rise.

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PayPDM is a decentralized financial firm for the standardization of cryptocurrencies through FinTrade, CryptoLend & PDM Gamings.