PAYPDM Token Migration

3 min readMay 17, 2021

PayPDM aims to provide a driven standardization and improvisation for the use of digital assets through the provision of its services and financial products.

With extensive deliberation, analysis and testing we decided to move to a new ecosystem hereby upgrading from the Ethereum platform to the Binance Smart Chain.

Old Contract Address [EtherScan]

New Contract Address [To be updated]

This article is modified for informatory purposes to the PayPDM Community

Token Swap Ratio - 1:1

PYD Holders -
Over the months we had various activities which was ran and completed successfully and also the previous unique participants who contributed in our specific phases and many much more.
Further plans are underway to enable holders to swap from the old tokens to the newly issued tokens and also with automatic conversion applicable.

While we move from our old token platform, the use of burning would be adopted and a target of Max supply is been advised, We implore all the PayPDM Community members to follow our next guidelines which would be the next released detailed article.

Token Swap timing would be fixed also in the next article while the preparation for the token migration would be officially approved and actively on the mainnet.

We do not need any information from you neither have we started the token swap as at currently. This article is to help the community understand the current phase while the restructuring is officially approved.

The newly issued tokens is subjected to mandatory locking and this is implemented to help $PYD connect with its price motive without crashes while we complete our new roadmap. To maximize this motive, we released a locking schedules for all PYD holders

· Old tokens (from 0–10,000PYD) 3m locked

· Old tokens (from 10,001 PYD to 100,000PYD) 6m locked

· Old tokens (from 100,001 PYD to 10 Mill PYD) 12m — 18m locked

· Team 18m — 24m locked

*m — months

The locking schedule would commence after the next official articles and the introductory section of the Token swap.

Quick Questions

When will the migration occur?
Token migration is currently under processing and awaiting the final phases on which an official article would be released.

Where will the token swap occur?
The token swap requires no effort, as this is made very easy.
Through the use of automatic conversion and also the manual entry.

Any fee required?
Token swap is free as a bird 😀

Why is the locking mandatory?
Has proven to be the only resourceful way for a stronger community and a stronger financial market.

When will the token swap process be active?
We hope to keep you informed as swift as possible 😊
Check our community regularly

PayPDM is a leading decentralized crypto financial firm aimed at the improvisation and standardization of cryptocurrencies in every day life through the use of its financial products and services hereby providing basic services available on traditional finance on the blockchain platform.
PayPDM is part of the Xeraza Media, on which services are been administered and effectualized.








PayPDM is a decentralized financial firm for the standardization of cryptocurrencies through the use of blockchain based developments.