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Hello Community!

In less than 4 days, We count down to the end of the Presale.
A quick reminder if you haven’t participated in the Presale.
Participate today! With 30% bonus applicable.

Presale | Contribute Now

Presale contribution comes with major merits which includes; purchase at lower base price and additional purchase bonuses which are advantageous to investors and crypto adopters.

We appreciate so far, individuals, investors and everyone who participated in Presale alongside the community with endless support while we look forward to the 100% completion of the Presale.

While we anticipated for the Presale!
The Presale has been indeed a fantastic moment with support from the community.
Presale is still currently active which comprises primary of the Presale pool and Presale Form.
We look forward for the 100% completion of the PYD Presale.

Don’t Miss Out of the Presale

The current phase is the Presale.
Base Price — $0.09 / 1 PYD
Uniswap proj. listing price — $0.2 / 1 PYD
Exchange listing price — $0.4 / 1 PYD

PayPDM looks forward to the IEO main sale which would be on our favorite Exchange Launchpad.
With auspiciousness, PYD is a very promising firm with exciting products & services to be released.

Don’t miss out on the $PYD Presale
Here is a great moment to participate in the Presale which comes with all-added advantages.

Our Next phase:

· The presale is scheduled to end on 12/07.
This Presale is currently active and open for new and more contribution with a 30% bonus applicable.

· Uniswap Listing and Trading
50% of total raised funds in the Presale to facilitate liquidity.
Projected listing price
1 ETH — 3000 $PYD

· IEO & Exchange Listing
We look forward to our IEO main sale on our favourite Exchange Launchpad which ends with listings also.
Stay informed! For further official announcements.

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PayPDM is a decentralized financial firm for the standardization of cryptocurrencies through the use of blockchain based developments.