Pre-Sale II is Live !

PayPDM Pre-Sale II

Hello Community,
PayPDM, A decentralized crypto financial firm.
With excitement, announces the second round of Pre-sale, from Aug 5th, 2020.

The Presale would be conducted in two phases;
Pre-registration and Sales contract.
Pre-Sale FAQ provides assistance for participation of the Pre-Sale and answers to Pre-Sale questions that you would need an answer to.

PRE-SALE | Participate Now

+What is PayPDM
+ Pre-Sale Values
+ Pre-Sale FAQ
+ Pre-Sale

PayPDM is a leading financial services provider towards a next generational DeFi accentuated by decentralization, privacy-prioritized and blockchain-based protocols superseding traditional finance.
Within the auspices; FinTrade, CryptoLend, PDM Gamings & PDMH are under developments. Being developed and purposed with a simultaneous basic function.

PayPDM Coin which is denoted for PYD ($PYD) is a digital asset for both PayPDM developments & other related.
PYD interposes between the developments & users as;
Primary digital currency,
Service fees nullify,
Developments assets,
And not limited to;
Hodl (holders)
Importantly, This Digital asset is being backed with high degree of liquidity and a concept of solving basic traditional finance problems in blockchain with a built-in mechanism towards simple, functional and open decentralized apps.

The PYD Pre-Sale II is open for every crypto-hodlers, crypto fans and totally open to innovations which are blockchain based.
An offered discount rate is applicable. Participation of the Pre-Sale purchases is effected with the use of ETH.
Discounted bonus are being offered towards crypto enthusiasts on Pre-Sale round alongside first access to FinTrade at Beta Launch, CryptoLend & privileged Nxt access to PDMH.

Pre-Sale Values:

. pre-sale starts on August 5th, 2020
. pre-sale ends on August 19th, 2020
. coin price: 0.09 USD/ 1 PayPDM Coin (PYD)

. discount rate: 20% offered bonus
. allocated supply: 5,000,000
. min purchase: 0.3ETH

Pre-Sale FAQ

When will the Pre-Sale II begin?
Pre-Sale II starts on August 5th, 2020

When will the Pre-Sale II end?
Pre-Sale II ends on August 19th, 2020.
Subject to changes if allocated supply is maxed out.

How to participate in Pre-Sale II?
Participation in the PYD Pre-Sale could be accomplished using these two steps below;

  • Pre-Registration
    Get started by registering CLICK HERE.
    With scrutiny, we review your entry after being received.
  • Sales-Contract
    A sale contract which is based on information from your entry would be issued on the Pre-Sale II form.

Requirement for Pre-Sale Purchase?
In the pre-register quick form, basic details are requested for which isn’t limited to;

ERC20-Compatible wallet address — An Exchange wallet is not supported. Only supported are erc-20 compatible wallets.
This wallets includes
Trust Wallet, MEW, Metamask, Eidoo & Ledger Wallet.

Email address — A real email address where communication could pass through easily i.e Pre-Sales news, sales contract, Ann’s, etc.

ETH — Pre-Sale purchases is effected with the use of Ethereum (ETH) as mode of payment(s).

Is KYC Verification required ?
No, KYC Verification isn’t required for Pre-Sale II

Why do I need to pre-register?
There is an allocated supply for the Pre-Sale II.
For Accountability, all participants must use the pre-register link to participate in this presale.

I have a question but cant find it here
Leave a message to our support center
{Response time 0–20mins}
Leave a message on the telegram community
{Response time 0–5 mins}


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