Referral Competition Results — Community Engagement

1 min readJan 3, 2022


Referral Competition Ended — Community Engagement

The referral competition event has finally ended and this was an exciting moment for everyone in the community, though we had a low participation.
The referral competition event was being implemented to provide rewards to the community alongside provide more exposure and outreach to the firm in general.

Non-participation from the community

With extensive check on community analytics and observation of activities ongoing in the community
We announce that there were no potential winners and the proposed rewards would be rescheduled towards a new social event.

We extend our appreciation to everyone in the community also.
With reference to future, there are many more social events with rewards on scheduled plan.

There was no winner recorded for this social event after all extensive check and reviews.
The proposed rewards would be forwarded to the new scheduled social event which is currently underway.

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