Revised and Effected Changes — PayPDM Developments

2 min readApr 1, 2022

Recently, we had some revision which has been applied to all our current developments alongside effected changes on specific dates on the followings below;

Roadmap Revision —
There is a modification on the revised roadmap released on the official links. This change took place in sequel to the recent delay in the deliverability of pending developments which had a due date of the end of the quarter.

Backlog tackles —
With reference to previous and old logs, an effected change Is been applied to have previous works settled and finalized which will provide an acceleraton to the current development and healthy growth.

Swap revision —
The concept for the swap of assets is being deliberated on and there is a bid for a new change during the new quarters of the operating year.

Developments revision —
All pending developments are being fulfilled to the optimum level giving opportunities for the adoption of utilities by the crypto space in general which directly provides core value to the PayPDM Firm also.
These developments are being released with reference to the current change applied on the revised roadmap.

Marketing revision —
Effected changes are being applied to the marketing concept. This changes would take place to provide marketing value tio the market chart, developments, community expansion and also for the mass adoption of the PayPDM Utilities.
A marketing announcement and summary would be released consistently to provide adequate information for readers and the community in general.

All this revisions are currently approved officially after the extensive deliberation of the Team towards the provision of value to the Firm’s system. This changes have taken place from the date of publication and this is for informational purpose addressing the current changes and purpose of the applicable changes.

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