Round 2 Airdrop x Bounty Campaign Distribution

After successful fulfillment of the Round 2 Airdrop campaign, Distribution date has been proposed to the final week of September 2020.

The airdrop bot which was purposely deactivated after the finalization of the Round 2 Airdrop after which all participants data was been stored, saved and secured.

All participants’ entries are under scrutiny while proposed distribution date gets due.
Earlier, Airdrop participants entries were released on the official website with exception to much more entries due to our privacy — compliance.

Airdrop distribution for the Round 2 campaign is scheduled to commence during the proposed date.

Before distribution, there would be a scrutiny which will be on process for all participants users entries, entries would be considered null and void if contains the following
— false user information
— spam information
— multiple user entries
— breach of Round 2 Airdrop campaign offer which isn’t limited to; Exit from social communities after the Round 2 Airdrop campaign.

On distribution, all eligible participants would be officially notified through registered electronic communication and official announcements.
Hence, all eligible participants would receive the specified token during the proposed distribution.

After distribution, tokens would be eligible for trading after 45 days of the proposed distribution.

Official announcements would be released further to help the community stay abreast of information from the firm.



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