Token Swap Announcement — Culminated

3 min readDec 21, 2021
Token Swap — $PYD

With reference to a pending backlog which includes recent questions on the old tokenized assets and swap inquiries and other related..
This is a final announcement rightly directed at the old tokenized asset and related having all backlogs completely attended to in line with a good community impact and top tier accountability.

Previously, PayPDM had over 3M supply distributed for Airdrop & Bounty related which will directly inhibit the growth of any proposed market making which led to the use of a new tokenized asset on the current smart chain network.

PayPDM recently announced scheduled plans for token swap but had a re-deliberation on the token swap to put into moderation the followings;
Stabilized and healthy market making, Influx of new prospects (holders) into the market system, strengthened marketing and social impact.

All address holding old tokenized assets on the Ethereum blockchain have completed a successful snapshot with reference to Oct 23rd.
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What next?
PayPDM proposes a buy back mechanism on the new tokenized asset to cover the token swap process for earlier old tokenized asset holders.
Furthermore, PayPDM is providing a dual mode for the token swap process;

Token Swap Ratio — 1:1
Vesting Schedule — None required
Tokens Quantity — 10 million
Market Support — 10BNB
Total Buy Back — 100 million
Token Swap Prep — Jan 07th, 2022 to Feb 14th, 2022
Token Swap Date — Feb 21st, 2022 to July 21st, 2022

This means the default token swap ratio is pegged at 1:1 with no subjected changes. The vesting schedule is removed and not required. Token quantity for the old tokenized assets swap is proposed at 20 million. The total buy back mechanism is pegged at 100 million, which means there would be 12.5 million tokens purchase consistently for 8 weeks.
There is 10BNB market support which would be injected to the market on the token swap main date.

Token Swap Process

Auto Swap:
The new click-to-start DAPP would be available on the the official website.
An instructional video would be published alongside for a DIY (do it yourself) easy reference.

Manual Swap:
Instant form doc also available on the official website.
An instructional video would be published alongside for a DIY (do it yourself) easy reference.

Final Swap | FAQ

Why is the token swap moved?
For a hitch-free token swap process.

How does the vesting schedule works?
Not required at the moment.

If I don’t do the token swap, do I loose my $PYD ?
No you wont loose your $PYD Value.

Is the token swap compulsory?
No, this is not compulsory.

Why can’t the token swap happen without me having to do a thing?
The old tokenized asset is not available on some centralized exchanges, if it was available then we see no reason to have you do the swap process but this old tokenized assets are currently on your wallet which has no third party access, Hence the reason for allowing users or the community interact with our auto-swap or manual-swap.

Why the need for token swap ?
We need the old tokenized asset out of circulation since its rendered void.

Dedicated Help Service

Need more help or inquiries concerning the token swap?
Our dedicated email support —

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