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Presale Listing
Airdrop distribution round up
Promotional Campaign

Hello Community,

Our proposed Uniswap listing which was scheduled on 12/12 was suspended indefinitely due to further deliberation on the correction of the pending snag.
On Fundings, 46 ETH ($27,140) has been allocated so far for the Uniswap Listing and being focused on a locked liquidity. [using current market price as at 12/15/2020]

With apologies to the community for every inconvenience caused due to suspension of the development. Logically we look forward to an efficient and swift correction and on-track formation.
In anticipation we awaiting to share the next official announcement on our quick resolving and listing goal.

Airdrop Distribution Round off

Excitingly! For Airdrop participants, We call it a final round off for the distribution.
With scrutiny and extensive auditing on the Airdrop data and statistics we took some time off to make sure only eligible participants would receive our allocated airdrop bonus.

We appreciate the Airdrop participants and the community in general for the participation, social engagement, patience given and cross-benefitted growth impact towards the firm.

promotional campaign pyd

PYD Promotional Campaign — Community

In appreciation to the community and crypto space in general, We also seize the moment to offer much more opportunities.
A promotional campaign which is focused on the crypto space towards the social development and with impact to our community development and expansion.
This promotional campaign has an allocation of 6 ETH to be given out. This is also scheduled to kick off from 12/15/2020 [14:00] E.T
An official announcement and press release follows in reference to the current promotion.

This promotional campaign has been deliberated on, approved and in accordance with the Crypto promotions guidelines with respect to various laws across major jurisdiction and rules also.

For inquiries and fast help (24/7)
Support Center: help@paypdm.org

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