Weekly Summary for April 4th to April 9th

2 min readApr 8, 2022

Scheduled meeting documentation with the Team:
During the week, PayPDM Team had a virtual meeting which focused on the healthy growth of the PayPDM community, preparation of developments and improvisation plans for the well positioning of the firms on the decentralized space.
The followings were being discussed.

- wallet app and swap dapp
- preparation for paypdm nft listing platform [nft.paypdm.org]

- marketing resumption preparation
- finalization of hiring of cm
- community engagement
- Supporting dex listing
- staking pools marketing
- buy back new schedule and publication
- buy back for airdrop vesting schedule and swap schedule
- preparation for paypdm merch

- preparation for private fundings (< $200k) for CEX listing (outsourced)
- automation (use of remote teams in different localization)

Growth hacking
- Twitter campaign (for mass impressions and huge visibility).

DEX listing preparation and official announcement:
PayPDM officially announces her official second listing on DEX (Apeswap). This listing is implemented to provide a seamless trading experience and support to the $pyd tokenized asset market system.
The listing announcement has officially been published also.

In preparation for DEX listing, PayPDM focused on improvisation within the community with the use of engagement and a positive aura for potential community members and others in general.

CM hiring:
A review has taken place on the application lists for the open position for the role of Community Moderator on the PayPDM Telegram community.
A final review would take place from Apr 13th, which includes verbal engagement with the awaiting CM lists.

Acceleration Implementation:
All backlogs are being tackled efficiently with an applied accelerative process to have the firm and community positioned in a well-defined form while maximizing productivity, accountability and reliability at optimal levels.

Holders Reward:
With deep commitment and gratitude, PayPDM makes a motion for reward of holders. The use of holders rewards is being effected as an expression of immense support for the firm and also a growth-building campaign for increased potential holders in general.

Raffle Rewards:
The use of raffle rewards to provide a source of community engagement to the official PayPDM community with extra support from marketing and visibility tactics in the crypto space.
This is currently at the conception stage and hasn’t been finalized or officially released for kick-off.

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