Yes, We are Live on the PancakeSwap

Fair launch which took place on Saturday, October 16 2021 ended successfully seeing a positive price from the official kick off time.
Participants from both the community and crypto in general are stacking, trading and while some hodling strong.

PayPDM looks forward to the next biggest promotional event to strengthen the community and bring new users to the PayPDM developments.
Extensive preparations are being channeled towards the development of the official PDM Wallet which also would be available to beta users after release.

PayPDM is looking forward to the addition of more Liquidity on the DEX to help improve the trading experience of $PYD Value for both traders and the firm. This liquidity would be definitely locked with 24 months with a signed collection.

In accordance with our tokenomics, allocations with exception from fairlaunch sales are being distributed to the various holding system with date from day of publication.


Fair Launch / Public Sales — 50%
Marketing — 10%
Liquidity — 5%
Ecosystem — 20%
Legal and Compliance — 5%
Rewards — 5%
Treasury — 5%

While PayPDM is rapidly growing, having a strong and united community is absolutely necessary.
With engagements from members to crypto enthusiasts in general this would bring about improvisation and wide exposure to the crypto world in general.

🪙🌕 PayPDM — Next Generational Crypto Finance🌕🚀
“The next big name — Taking PayPDM to the moon”
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PayPDM is a leading decentralized crypto financial firm aimed at the improvisation and standardization of cryptocurrencies in every day life through the use of its financial products and services hereby providing basic services available on traditional finance on the blockchain platform.
PayPDM is part of the Xeraza Media, on which services are been administered and effectualized.







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