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Hello Community & Investors,

With excitement, we introduce the PayPDM PRE-SALE event! 😊
PayPDM (PYD) Presale is scheduled from November 17th, 2020 — December 7th, 2020
accepting ETH primarily.

To participate-

PayPDM is a decentralized crypto finance providing monetized, valuable and exciting blockchain based financial products/services for financial investments & standardization of cryptocurrencies.
Being developed for the melioration and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing basic & advanced financial products/services which are made accessible to crypto users superseding the traditional finance.

Coin Type/Status: Pre-sale
KYC: Not required
Project Platform: Ethereum
Accepted Currency: ETH
Fundraising s/d: 11/17/2020
Fundraising e/d: 07/12/2020
Excluded Countr: N/A
Company Countr…

With a need for a major expansion to strengthen the core values of PayPDM and to adopt sophisticated modalities in the PayPDM’s Ecosystem for a healthy growth and development.
A temporary restructuring has gone underway with prior approval from the Team as a medium to implement basic and advanced modification.

The use of a temporary restructure was absolutely effected for the improvisation of our various core values with no exception to;
Reliability, Versatility, Recognization, Secured & Privacy Prioritized, Viability and Token Users Opportunities.

Currently, there is an overview of all recent changes and implementations for an effective restructure. A maintenance mode would…

PayPDM aims to provide a driven standardization and improvisation for the use of digital assets through the provision of its services and financial products.

With extensive deliberation, analysis and testing we decided to move to a new ecosystem hereby upgrading from the Ethereum platform to the Binance Smart Chain.

Old Contract Address

New Contract Address [To be updated]

This article is modified for informatory purposes to the PayPDM Community

PYD Holders -
Over the months we had various activities which was ran and completed successfully and also the previous unique participants who contributed in our specific phases and many…

Hello, PayPDM Community! PayPDM is joining forces with Xeraza!

Today, with great excitement we announce that PayPDM has been acquired by Xeraza, whom we share the same ision and have a grand productive force and this would help us focus on delivering our product & services to our users, community and in general much better and efficient.

About Xeraza;
Xeraza is a news and media platform focused on information incentives comprised of crypto news, blockchain real-time news, media publicity, data statistics, blockchain events and education towards the blockchain and digital space. Xeraza is also an information and media platform focused…

It was with a great pleasure we had a successful round off and books balancing for the year 2020.

We are pleased to announce a new season!
A new season where opportunities meets with heightened productivities and absolute adeptness.
Being dedicated to provision of excellent and unmatched services are one of our primary modalities.

We look forward to exciting to exciting moments while we embark on our mission up to the optimum.
Our commitment is to having a non-central, Users-profit based, growth-oriented and privacy objectives being viable and important

Our Support centers are available round the clock

Serving you better! We look forward to :)

Listing 💜

We are not listed on any Exchange currently (as at Dec 30th).
We are currently working on the Listing which should be available on our approved DEX, while CEX follows.
While we wrap up the year and balancing all books, the Developers also are fully pledged on making the listing happen!

Trading 💚

We would be available for tradings in real soon.
Dates are TBD and scheduled within the Mid-month of January.
On listing phase we are at the 8/10 in processing time schedule.
On Uniswap we are at the 7/10 in processing time schedule.
We appreciate the community support! And every…

Presale Ended $PYD

Today, Dec 30th. We looked forward for this presale which saw an amazing ending today.
This presale phase is declared officially ended.
During this presale phase there were 5M allocated $PYD with a successful presale fund round of 105 ETH.
Respectfully, the unsold tokens for this presale round have been booked on, for our next burn.

To recall, we had Uniswap listing suspended earlier and which would be efficiently handled after this presale phase.
Furthermore, we look forward to our next phase which would be categorized under Listing & Exchange LaunchPad within the next business calendar year.

With heavy attributes…

pyd promotional campaign

Dear Community,

You spoke, We listened!

The $PYD promotional campaign is a community based campaign which is directed towards the community and outer space. This goes through a simplified process in community building and community exposure in advantageousness to both the firm and regular social space.

The name “$PYD” is derived as a dollar sign & ticker (symbol) for PayPDM. The use of this trading symbol foretell the auspiciousness and the specified digital asset which is connected with the firm.

Presale Listing
Airdrop distribution round up
Promotional Campaign

Hello Community,

Our proposed Uniswap listing which was scheduled on 12/12 was suspended indefinitely due to further deliberation on the correction of the pending snag.
On Fundings, 46 ETH ($27,140) has been allocated so far for the Uniswap Listing and being focused on a locked liquidity. [using current market price as at 12/15/2020]

With apologies to the community for every inconvenience caused due to suspension of the development. Logically we look forward to an efficient and swift correction and on-track formation. …

Hello Community,

PYD Presale is officially extended, having being scheduled to end today; 12/07.

This new presale extension is projected to last through 30/12 with subjected changes through the hard cap max.

In reference to facilitating the PYD expansion on the crypto space and the numerous requests from individuals and prospective investors. We further approve this for the auspicious outcome on the firm development and our community interest.

Uniswap Listing:
With regards to the presale extension, there is a subjected change in the DEX listing and trading. This also would be used as a medium for the presale extension purchases/…


PayPDM is a decentralized financial firm for the standardization of cryptocurrencies through FinTrade, CryptoLend & PDM Gamings.

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